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When I was approached with an idea to form a School, I was excited at the prospect that someone else had also thought about the importance of playing a hand in the development of youth. Without a moment's hesitation I complied, as it was a life long personal wish for me to host a successful learning environment, where the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow can thrive. 

          The importance of an international approach to education cannot be overlooked as we need to create & paint a very clear picture to our children of what the future has to offer in order for them to explore themselves fully. 

          With Trinity CBSE, we plan to bridge the gap with the western world, where we offer the best of Indian education (CBSE) and use hand picked International methods to knit a pattern that can create the best environment for children to learn from. I have no doubt in my mind that we have been able to accomplish that thus far and that we're on our way to mightier things with an improved framework in place.