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Trinity International School President 

  •           Being a successful industrialist, I personally understand the importance of "people" in an organization. I also understand that these "people" may come from various backgrounds and customs, but an organization merges their ideas and makes them pursue a common objective. 

              With this concept in my mind, I along with a few other highly successful entrepreneurs managed to conceive the idea of bringing children together from all backgrounds and giving them an objective to chase. This is my view is a great way for children to learn first hand the importance of working together and working for each other. These are the foundations of a successful & closely knit society which are instrumental to the growth of our society and nation at large. 

              Having searched all over for an ideal fountain of learning that emphasizes the above, I had come across only a few institutions, where the school has played a massive role in a child's personal development. And hence, Trinity CBSE was formed with a view to fill this void and I'm extremely happy & confident that our methods and instruments that are in place, are capable of achieving that and beyond.