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Trinity Rules and Regulations

  • change of address of the public,if any, should be intimated to the school office immediately.
  • Pupils are expected to take part in all co-curricular activities of the school. no one will be exempted except for legitimate reasons which have been approved by the Principal.
  • Medium of communication in the campus is English
  • All are excepted to be present before the warning bell at 9.15am.
  • Strict discipline should be maintained in the school campus.
  • While moving from class to class pupils shall march silently in line.
  • Irregular attendance, frequent failures in submitting class exercises, habitual breach of discipline, or any short of serious misbehaviours are the firm reasons for the dismissal of the students.
  • No pupil is allowed to leave the school premises during the school hours without the Principal's permission.
  • Every pupil must behave respectfully towards the members of the staff.
  • Students should have respect for school property as it is their school. They should not damage school furniture, write or draw on the walls, scratch or spoil desks or chairs. Any damage of school property will have to be compensated. They shall not damage things which belong to others. They are expected to keep the classroom neat and tidy.
  • The school is not responsible for goods lost. It is not advisable to bring valuables(like expensive watches, fountain pens or gold ornaments) to school.
  • Collecting donations or selling tickets for any purpose is not allowed.
  • Pupils should see to it that their hair and nails are properly trimmed and cut at regular intervals.
  • Aim at full attendance and unfailing punctually so that you may get the best out of the school.
  • Take part in all the inter-school and inter-house co-curricular activities and make the best of the opportunities provided to you.